Skywiz Internet Services is a local Internet Service Provider serving the NYC area.
We offer hi-speed dialup access with 28.8, 33.6, 56k X2, 56k Flex, ISDN 64k & 128k connections.
Our local access numbers are in the 718, 212, 914 and 516 area codes.
We offer Web hosting, Web Design, Search Engine Registration and Website promotion, E-mail aliasing, bulk mailing, and all other internet related services. We also can arrange training sessions and custom business packages. We have a direct T-1 connection to the internet and only use the latest US Robotics Modem Pools.

We are located at 7400-20 Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11204
Telephone: (718)331-7572
Fax: (718)236-8338

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