Why do you need to register your website?

What good is having the best site on the planet if no one knows
it exists or where it's located at?

Search engine registration becomes a vital tool in
establishing your presence on the net!
Submitting your url to different search engines is like listing your advertisement and telephone number in different phone books!

If you have what others are looking for, It is very important to make it easy for people to find you!

Why not do it yourself?

Do you have any idea how many hours it would take to register your site to lets say 250 search engines?
Let's say it only takes 10 minutes to find and post your registration to those sites.
Hmmmm..........250 times 10 equals 2500 minutes,
only breaks down to 41.66 hours!

Wouldn't you rather be surfing the web or something?

Do you know how search engine spiders operate,
and how they search out websites and what keywords they are looking for?
Do you know how to get your site a better listing?

We Do!

At Skywiz Internet Services, we will scrutinize you web code to ensure
your site has all the criteria necessary for getting better placement and visibility!

All these factors and much more
come into consideration when we promote your site.

Registration Rates
  • Plan 1
    • Hand post to 50 registration sites only 99!
  • Plan2
    • Hand post to 100 registration sites only 149!
  • Plan 3
    • Hand post to 250 registration sites only 249!
  • Plan 4
    • Hand post to 450 registration sites only 375!

All listed plans include:

  1. Skywiz WebMasters complete Website analysis and recommendations!
  2. Search engine registration for an entire year!
    (Every 3 months, your site will be re-registered! That's right! That's four times!)
  3. Comprehensive report of successful registrations!

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